If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you might want to work along immigration consultants in Delhi to help you achieve better results. Besides the above-mentioned categories, there are a few other services and application fees that are required to be paid and obtain Canadian permanent residency.

There are major 3 distinct reasons to immigrate to the maple country. They are:

The above mentioned immigration pathways fall under the temporary visa category. If you wish to settle permanently in Canada, you can work through the 60+ immigration categories offered by the Canadian government. Each of the categories has their very own eligibility criterion and process. You can seek guidance from immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada that are featured in the ICCRC members list, to help you work effectively and efficiently in the process of Canada immigration.

What is the right visa for you immigration profile?

1. Travel

Canada has some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenic beauty and is a popular tourist attraction. Including the maple country on your next travel destination might be a fantastic idea. Below are some of the fees you need to pay for your travel visa.

Application fee: CAD$ 100.
Application fee for multiple entries: CAD$ 500.
Extending visit: CAD$ 100.
Restore status: CAD$ 200.
2. Study

The nation offers you to take a flaw at any favored course of concentrate with various choices for picking the course choice at the college level. Training credits are additionally accommodated PR holders. The nation has efficient and wonderfully planned educational establishments. You can get in touch with the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada to know more about the scholarships and courses offered by the institutes.

The total cost of tuition is approximately $25,000 a year.

Cost of staying:

If you planning to stay on campus at your university, it can cost you around $800 a month.
Whereas, it will cost you around $500 a month if you have decided to stay off campus. Staying off campus is a bit cheaper than on campus.
Cost of food:

The cost of food on campus is around $700 a month.
To where the cost is around $200 a month if you plan to eat off campus.
3. Work

The Canadian government releases an NOC list which features in demand jobs that at that time, are facing labor shortages. You must select the job that best suits your job profile. Since you need to have a documented work experience you can get in touch with immigration consultants in Delhi to help you with the documentation. canada pr process

Working Holiday Visa: CAD$ 150.
LMIA: CAD$1,000.
Post-graduation work permit: CAD$155.
The additional processing fee and services for Canada Immigration depends on the type of Visa category you have applied for. Canada has one of the most economically viable and inexpensive immigration processes. The fee structure we have discussed above gets updated frequently by the Canadian government. It is recommended for one to be up to date with charges and seek guidance from immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada to know more about the same.

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